MoreBank wants you to be aware of online schemes. With growing use of Internet, the criminals are committing sophisticated scams to steal your information online. There are some simple steps that you can follow to protect yourself from them.

Common Schemes:


¡°Malware¡± is short for malicious software. Computer virus, spyware, worms and other unwanted software can be defined as malware. It is software designed to cause damage or gain unauthorized access to your computer system. Data-stealing malware is a web threat to access your personal information for unauthorized use.


Phishing is a deceptive method used to obtain sensitive personal information from Internet users for criminal purpose. It has been one of the fastest growing online threats. Most phishing attacks are created primarily through unsolicited e-mails. You may receive a deceptive e-mail and it will instruct you to access a fraudulent website, that may appear as if it were from a reputable source such as MoreBank. However it is actually a web site that has been designed to collect your personal information such as password and social security number without revealing its true criminal intent.

You can defend yourself against these online threats by learning these useful tips:

  • Obtain latest anti-virus application for your computer and always update it on regular basis
  • Only download from legitimate websites and know what you¡¯re downloading
  • Scan your files for virus often and do not install any software without weighing the associated risks and benefits
  • Install anti-malware software on your computer for real-time protection
  • Use a firewall to secure your internet connection
  • Always verify the true source of your e-mail or web site before revealing any sensitive information.

MoreBank never asks our customers to give us financial or personal information by an unsolicited phone call or via a link in an e-mail. Prevention is always important to keep yourself from becoming a victim to online scams!