Business Line of Credit
For business operating funds. Good for seasonal working capital needs, inventory purchase, permanent working capital, etc.
Commercial Mortgage
For purchase of commercial buildings or refinancing. Up to 75% of appraised value for maximum 25 years of amortization. Both floating and fixed rates options are available.
Business Purchase Loan
Up to $500,000 for purchase of business. 40% of down payment generally, but can be lowered. Real estate collateral is not a must.
Commercial Real Estate Equity Line or Loan
Good for business expansion or investment fund. Up to 65% of appraisal value. Can be interest-only line of credit for 2 years or a term loan.
Professional Line of Credit or Loan
Line of credit or term loan for professionals (doctors, dentists, CPA's, lawyers, etc) up to $100,000. Good for new business set up or expansion of existing business. No real estate collateral is required.
SBA Loans
Various SBA loans complying with SBA guarantee requirements. Good for businesses without collateral or insufficient down payment.
Micro Business Loans
Small business loans for various business needs.
No real estate collateral is required. 2nd position UCC filing is acceptable.
Fast loan processing.